Dear Fellow Republicans,

Georgia is currently a Republican state. We have a firm stable of Republicans in office, and it is due to the hardwork of our great party. But we need to do much more. This is an organization and movement of Republicans that expect the Republicans Party to maintain it's brand. We will work to make sure the Republican Party ensure that "Republican" politicians actually stand for limited government and for politicians who will actually carry through on their promises.

There is much room for improvement. Based on nationwide trends, if we don't act now to make revolutionary efforts at outreach, Georgia will cease to be Republican within the next decade. Instead of simply focusing on getting so-called Republicans, regardless of their principles, re-elected, the Georgia GOP must stand by its principles. The GOP must do its duty ensure that the candidates that use the name Republican actually live up to the principles that the party membership espouses.

We must be an active presence within communities and we must work to grow, not simply maintain, our base. We must increase involvement in the party and make it clear, simple, and well-known how to be involved at all levels of the party and with the government. We must put the citizens back in charge of the Republican Party, and throw big government and special interests out of the party.

Being a Republican must mean something again. We must have leadership that will ensure that we maintain that image and brand. Voters should consistently know that if they want to vote for good, effective, honest government: Vote Republican.

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